Miss Mattie W., Quaker Hill, New York, says : "I am a very interested reader of the Gardener's Monthly and enthusiastic cultivator of flowers and fruits on a small scale, but I often have sad failures with my pet plants, and seek information for their proper treatment from every reliable source. I will state my perplexities, and trust some kind readers of the Gardener's Monthly will favor me with their advice as they have in the past.

" I have some fifty roses, many of them the choicest varieties, mostly monthlies, and I would like to so manage them as not to lose one, which if I do, will be contrary to my past experience. They grow and bloom nicely during the summer, but I think there must be some fault in potting in the fall, as many die during the winter, and some after they are brought from the cellar in the spring. In taking them up is it better to try and take some earth with them ? Often the roots go so deep that it seems impossible to do so. I would also like to ask, how to care for a Jas-minum d'Orleans? It is said to bloom freely through the summer, but I cannot make mine grow. Where should it be wintered?"