Elegant annuals with pinnate, pinnatifid, lobed or toothed often viscid leaves and bright-coloured irregular flowers in 1-sided racemes or cymes. . Calyx deeply 5-lobed. Corolla bilabiate, with deeply unequally lobed lips. Fertile stamens 2. Capsule membranaceous. There are about six species, natives of South America. The name is derived from 2 Schizanthus 322 to cut, and 2 Schizanthus 323 a flower, in allusion to the dissected petals.

1. S. Grahami (fig. 184). - Leaves interruptedly pinnate; leaflets linear or oblong, serrate. Lower lip of the corolla 4-lobed, lobes acuminate; upper lip lanceolate, constricted near the apex. Flowers pale lilac and yellow.

2. S. retusus. - Leaves interruptedly pinnate, lobes linear, obtusely serrate. Lower lip of the corolla 3-lobed; lateral lobes shorter, middle one bifid. Upper lip ovate-oblong, re-tuse. Flowers rosy pink and orange-yellow.

3. S. pinnatus, syn. S. porrigens. - Leaves bipinnatifid. Upper lip of corolla oblong, emarginate, and constricted near the base, yellow dotted with red. Lower lip flesh-coloured or pink.

S. candidus has pure white flowers, upper lip rounded, notched; and S. Hookeri has pink and yellow flowers, upper lip much attenuated towards both ends.

Browallia elata and B. demissa are tender annuals from tropical America, with viscid or hairy foliage and small blue purple or white flowers.

Fig. 184. Schizanthus Grahami, (1/4 nat. size.)

Fig. 184. Schizanthus Grahami, (1/4 nat. size.)