Kaiserin Augusta Victoria is a white Rose of very rampant growth, apt to bloom in clusters at the end of long branches; the buds are generally of a creamy tint, but the flowers expand into the most perfect forms, large and double, with an exquisite perfume. This is a splendid Rose for cutting, for the buds will open gradually in water and last for days. The Kaiserin is the best blooming of all the monthly Teas; from a bed of twenty-five a bunch may be picked every day from June until hard frost. This is the white Rose so much used by florists.

Souvenir de President Carnot is rosy white in colour, with long, tight buds carried on long stems. A good bloomer.

Maman Cochet; large, double rose-coloured flowers; the buds well shaped; blooming profusely.

Grace Darling, white with Peach-bloom shades; an exquisite Rose with a gracefully shaped bud; the flower large and full. One of the best ever-blooming Roses, as it really flowers continuously during the Summer.

Clara Watson; salmon pink, with the pink intensified on the outer edges of the petals. A finely formed bud opening into a full, well-shaped flower of delicate construction and colouring. Very good for cutting as it keeps for a long time, and is a most persistent bloomer during the Summer. One of the best Teas for a Rose garden.

La France; a Rose that was very popular a dozen years ago. Its flower is of a peculiar, silvery pink colour, and when the bud opens the outside petals fall over, leaving a bud-like heart. It has much character and is a good bloomer, but is bothered by insects and the buds are apt to be mildewed unless the garden is situated in a very dry place. A good companion to Kaiserin Augusta.

Clothilde Soupert (Polyantha); described in previous chapter; a most free-blooming, interesting variety.

Gruss an Teplitz; a little red Rose that blooms freely all Summer, but is borne on such weak stems that it is quite worthless to cut; and it fades soon after placing in water. It is quite effective if planted in quantities as a bedding Rose, for its freedom of bloom can be relied upon to supply colour to the garden throughout the Summer.

Roses on a Brick Wall.

Roses on a Brick Wall.