We have seen some letters addressed to Messrs. Jabez Capps & Sons in regard to this peach, from California, which compare it very favorably with Briggs' Red May, and show it to be far superior to Early Beatrice. The latter seems going out of favor in California. The following we find in an Illinois paper:

"The question is now who shall produce the early peaches. English and American horticulturists have been vying with each other in this matter. First our Hale's Early was far ahead of the English Early York; next Mr. Rivers of England, leads with his Early Beatrice, now Logan county has the honor of leading in the race with the Alexander, a peach that for earliness and excellence is ahead of all competitors. In California, that land of fruits, the Alexander is attracting much attention. The season is very late and fruits are generally two to three weeks later in ripening than usual. C. M. Silva & Son, of New Cast]e, Cal., say that it ripened with them on the 12th of June; could have been shipped several days earlier; ripened ten days earlier than Beatrice, and were fully twice as large. Messrs. M. T. Brewer & Co., wholesale fruit dealers at Sacramento City, who received a box of Alexander by express,were surprised at seeing such fine flavored, large sized and bright colored peaches so early in the season, and pronounce it a very desirable peach for shipping, and say that the Beatrice will stand no comparison with it, - that while Alexander peaches would sell in the market at 15 cents per pound the Beatrice would not sell for one cent."