There can be no doubt that something is yet to be learned or re-learned with regard to scent. In dogs, etc, instinct is credited instead of smell. The ancients, it is thought, knew or studied something of this, and availed themselves of the discoveries, while we pay little attention to it-There is a well authenticated story of a man in Philadelphia some fifty years ago charming rats by carrying a scented article to the regions of their runs, when the animals flocked to him in great numbers. Does any one know what his secret was? Fenugraek and assafoetida have been tried in vain. That something must be done to get rid of these pests, who take everywhere a percentage of our products is palpable-The individual who can re-discover this lost secret has as good a thing as the best patent.

Kalm, the traveller, after whom is named our too much neglected and beautiful Kalmias was among the first to describe Niagara Falls. He gives the height by guess at 140 to 150 feet. The Marquis of Cavagnal had sounded it, and fixed the perpendicular fall at twenty-six fathoms.