Originated with Jacob Broadwell near Cincinnati, Ohio; tree vigorous, very spreading, irregular, productive.

Fruit medium, oblate, somewhat conic, regular; surface clear bright yellow, brownish blush on the sunny side, with carmine spots; dots few, greenish, suffused beneath; cavity broad, regular, russeted; stem rather short; basin abrupt, regular, rarely plaited; calyx closed; segments short. Core small, closed, round, clasping; flesh yellowish white, firm, juicy, rich, very sweet, very good. November to February.

Mrs Bryan

Origin, Walker Co., Georgia. A medium to large late fall variety, of very good quality, recommended in Bul. 8, Division of Pomology.

Buckingham (Fall Queen)

An old favorite variety from Virginia; tree upright, slightly spreading, moderately vigorous and productive.

Apple Variety: Buckingham


Fruit large, variable, generally conical or oblate conical, truncated, angular; surface greenish yellow, mostly covered, shaded, striped and splashed with two shades of crimson or purplish red; dots numerous, light brown; cavity broad, deep, slightly russeted; stem short; basin rather large, deep, slightly irregular and corrugated; calyx closed; segments connivent. Core small; axis very short; seeds many, long, pointed; tube conical; flesh yellowish, rather coarse, breaking, tender, juicy, mild, sprightly subacid, very good to best. November to February.

Bullock (American Golden Russet)

A delicious apple, with flesh more like a buttery pear than that of an ordinary apple. An old New Jersey variety mentioned by Coxe in 1817. Tree thrifty, shoots upright, dull reddish, grayish brown.

Fruit medium or below, roundish, somewhat conical; surface greenish yellow to orange or golden, with more or less of very thin russet, often with distinct bronzed blush; dots obscure, few, minute; cavity rather shallow, acute, regular; stem long, slender; basin shallow, regular, rather narrow; calyx closed. Core closed, clasping; seeds many, pointed; flesh yellowish, very tender, juicy, mild, rich, spicy, aromatic subacid, best. October to January.

Apple Variety: Bullock


Buncombe (Red Winter Pearmain)

Origin, North Carolina; tree a moderate upright grower, and an annual bearer.

Fruit medium, roundish oblong, conic, regular, often unequal; surface smooth, waxen, yellowish white, almost wholly covered with deep purplish red, obscurely striped and splashed; dots obscure, many, minute, white; cavity regular, acuminate, deep, narrow, green or slightly russeted; stem short; basin narrow, smooth, very shallow; calyx closed; segments erect convergent. Core closed, clasping, irregular; cells elliptical; tube funnel-shaped, open to core; stamens marginal; seeds large, flattened, many; flesh whitish yellow, juicy, tender, mild subacid, or nearly sweet, rich, slightly aromatic, good to very good. January to March.