The accompanying diagram will serve as a reliable guide for the construction and arrangement of a complete establishment for the raising of goldfish.

It will be observed that the ponds are arranged in a semi-circle, not because the "horseshoe" is all the rage, but simply for the reason that the little valley in which they are located is encircled by small but steep hills running in that direction. As previously stated, the disposition of the ponds must of necessity be in accordance with the topography or "lay of the land" in the locality determined upon, and the amateur will have to follow accordingly, though there are changes and modifications that he can make, and in many instances with great advantage.

Description Of Plan

A - Spawning or propagating beds.

B. - Rearing ponds.

C. - Storage ponds and nursery.

D. - Winter pond.

E. - Isolated pond for special purposes.

F. - Catch-basin for stray fish.

G. - Lodge, where the eggs are hatched.

H. - Wind-brake and guard against freshets.

I. - Creek, passing the establishment.

Star. - Location of springs.

Arrow. - Direction of water flow.

Dotted lines. - Supply drain.

Bracket. - Outlets.

Description Of Plan 12