Not many of these are necessary for the raising of goldfish. In addition to the ordinary gardening tools used in constructing and repairing the ponds, four sizes of dip-nets should be kept near at hand. 1st. A large one consisting of a heavy iron wire ring, about the thickness of a lead-pencil, and measuring about fifteen inches in diameter. This ring is securely fastened to a hickory pole seven feet in length, and covered with heavy mosquito netting, the bag to be about twelve inches deep.

2nd. A medium-sized dip-net of oval shape, measuring six inches by ten inches through the center. This is best made of No. 10 brass wire, fastened to a handle four feet in length, and covered with finer mosquito netting, forming a shallow bag similar to the bowl of a spoon. This net is used to remove insects and small fish from the water.

3d. A hand-net of the same size and material as No. 2, with this difference, that the handle may be made of the same wire that forms the frame.

4th. A small dip-net, also made of brass wire, No. 16 or 17, in this case of sufficiently small size to use in removing fish or insects from the hatching-jars.

Several one-gallon candy-jars for hatching the eggs; several tin buckets of different sizes, for carrying and removing fish; a yard or two of mosquito netting; some wire netting of the same mesh as that used in the guards on the outlets; a thermometer, a couple of musk-rat traps, if needed, and a gun to dispose of snakes, birds, etc., complete the outfit that is necessary for the proper performance of the work in hand.