There are not many, if any, homes in the country or suburbs of large cities where fish culture could not be indulged in, either as an agreeable pastime or with a view of realizing an income from it.

Being accidently drawn into the culture of ornamental fish through a genuine love of Natural History, I have, for the past ten years, given it my exclusive attention.

The originality of the method I describe in the following pages I claim as my own, and it has been my earnest endeavor to speak plainly and to the point, giving the full results of my long experience, not intentionally withholding any facts or secrets that would in any way have a bearing upon the success of the business.

This method has the decided advantage of applying equally to the culture of goldfish, no matter upon what scale it is carried on, whether the establishment is intended to produce hundreds of thousands of fish annually, or be engaged in with limited means by the deserving widow or invalid who wishes to add something to a restricted income.

With these objects in view, and to promote a more thorough knowledge of the goldfish, as well as to stimulate the study of Natural History, I have made every exertion, and should my efforts meet with the approval of an intelligent public, I shall consider that I have not labored in vain.

HUGO MULERTT. Cincinnati, O., July, 1883.