I think, perhaps, it will be best for me to say something about these, although my friend, Mr. Edwin Brough, was wont to call them by the generic term of "Wild Beasts," particularly those belonging to our mutual friend, Mr. W. K. Taunton, who for very many years had one of the best collections of rare breeds of foreign dogs, I should say, to be met with in Europe, comprising specimens from the Arctic Regions, China, Australia, India, Africa and other distant parts of the world. I have often had specimens of his before me at different shows, particularly those held in the London District, and remember paying a visit, by invitation, some years since to his kennels in Essex and being very much interested in the many typical specimens I saw there. I should consider Mr. Taunton not only a first-rate judge of bloodhounds and mastiffs, but (although one of the most unassuming men I know) far and away, the ablest and best judge of "Foreign Dogs" in this country, or probably in any other. He has bred and owned more than most other judges have even seen!