Definition Of Inflammation

Inflammation consists in a retardation of the flow of blood through the small vessels; an increased action of the large ones is required to overcome it. When external and visible, it is characterized by increased heat, swelling, pain, and redness; when internally, by the first three, the last not being discerned, though existing. It may be acute when coming on rapidly, or chronic when slow, and without very active symptoms. In the acute form there is always an increased rapidity of the pulse, with a greater reaction of the heart's pulsations, known as hardness of the pulse. In the dog, the healthy pulsations are from 90 to 100 to the minute. This may be taken as the standard of health. The arterial pulse may be felt 01 the inside of the arm above the knee; by placing the hand against the lower part of the chest, the contractions of the heart may be readily felt. In different breeds there is, however, considerable variation in the pulsations of the heart