This variety of the greyhound hunts well by scent, and, being at the same time fast and stout, he is used for the destruction of the wolves and bears which inhabit the Russian forests, and also for coursing the deer and the hare. For this latter sport he is well adapted; but, being somewhat deficient in courage and strength, he is hardly a match for the wolf and bear, excepting in packs.

The Russian greyhound is about 26 or 27 inches high, with short pricked ears, turned over at the tips; he is rather thin and weak in the back and loins, and long on the leg. The coat is thick, but not long, excepting the hair of the tail, which is fanlike, with a spiral twist of a peculiar form. The color is dark brown or grey. I am not aware of any undoubted specimen of this breed having been imported into England, nor of a correct portrait having been painted; so my readers must depend upon description alone.