The Annual Exhibition of Sporting and other Dogs was held at St. Helens, near Wigan, on August 3rd, 1877, with 130 entries.

Messrs. W. Lort and F. Adcock acted as judges.

Mastiffs, Newfoundlands, Greyhounds, Retrievers, and Sheep-dogs were small, unimportant classes, calling for no remark. In three classes of Pointers the chief winners were Messrs. J. Fletcher, C. W. Brierley, Piatt, Ashworth, and Bonny. In Setters the prizes were divided between Messrs. J. Fletcher, J. Walton, and J. T. Brandreth. A fairly good lot of Fox-terriers were in the prize list, consisting of Messrs. Fletcher's Rattler, Southwell's Spades and Sans Egal, Harrison's Rocket, Leach's Triton, R. J. Morris's Victory, Guy's Little Nell, and Potts' Prima Donna.

Bull-dogs were poor. Bull-terriers found Messrs. R. J. Hartley and J. Roocroft taking everything. Messrs. J. N. Davies, Roocroft, and Blenkinsop had it all their own way in Smooth Terriers (Large and Small). In Pugs the winners were Messrs. T. Norris, Southwell, and M. Williams. There was nothing else worth mentioning.

At the Drill Hall, Bristol, on November 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 5th, 1877, was held an Exhibition of Sporting and other Dogs, when an entry of 618 was secured. Mr. C. J. B. Mars acted as secretary.

The following were the judges nominated: Blood-hounds, Mastiffs, St. Bernards, Foreign Sporting and Non-Sporting, Non-Sporting Puppies, and Dalmatians, Mr. Edgar Hanbury; Deer-hounds, Greyhounds, Newfoundlands, Sheep-dogs, Pugs, Pomeranians, Italian Greyhounds, Bedlingtons, and Dandies, Rev. G. F. Hodson; Pointers, Setters, Retrievers, Spaniels, Dachshunds, and Sporting Puppies, Mr. W. Lort; Bull-dogs, all Terriers not before named, and Toy Spaniels, Mr. J. Percival; Fox-terriers, Mr. Theo. Bassett.

Blood-hounds were not numerous, the owners of the winners being Mrs. S. A. Humphries (now and for some years since appearing in the theatrical world), Mr. L. G. Morrell (at one time a frequent exhibitor and popular supporter of the variety, but, I regret to say - as I enjoyed his friendship for many years, in part of which he was much in company with our mutual friend Mr. Edwin Brough - now seldom seen at a dog show), and Mr. E. R. Ray. Deer-hounds found the winners in Mr. W. M. Chinnery's Duke, Dr. J. L. Hemming's Doctor and Linda, and Mr. F. Adcock's Graham. Greyhounds had two classes, the chief winners being Messrs. Lararmy, J. Brown, jun., C. Stokes, and J. Fletcher. Mastiffs were a typical lot, containing the following in prize list - Messrs. Harris's Shah, Parkinson's Colonel, Mark Beaufoy's Beau, Morris's Duchess and Vaga, Allen's Creole, Elwell's Maggie and Mabel, and A. H. Bowles's Ben II. In St. Bernards, as was not unusual in those days, Mr. F. Gresham was first in Roughs and Smooths, other winners being Prince A. Solms and Mr. T. C. Drake. Messrs. Mapplebeck and Wildman took all the prizes in Newfoundland Classes with their Leo, Lion, Gipsy, and Brunette. Retrievers were large and good classes in both varieties; the winners were mostly owned by well-known exhibitors, such as Messrs. J. Fletcher, E. G. Farquharson, S. E. Shirley, C. A. Baylis, J. Andrew, W. A. Howe, J. W. Morris, W. Arkwright, S. Darbey, and Captain J. Cote. Sheep-dogs (Rough) had twenty-four entries in Open Dogs and ten in Open Bitches. I remember quite a sensation was caused by the winner in the former (Mr. F. H. Cope's Time), just a fair dog we should think him now, being claimed at his catalogue price of 50, a figure not often reached in those days for a Sheepdog. The other winners were Mr. Arkwright's Roy and Mr. W. W. Thomson's Hero in Dogs, and in Bitches Mr. Shirley's graceful Hornpipe first, Mr. A. Walker's Colley second, and Mr. Cope's Test third. In a mixed class of sixteen Smooth Collies (which contained, amongst others, Mr. W. W. Thomson's Yarrow and Hawk, Mr. Swinburne's Lassie, and Mr. Mapplebeck's often-shown brace), Mr. Mapplebeck's merle Fan was first and Mr. J. A. Anderson's Glen second. Pointers were representative classes, and the prizes went to well-known kennels in the following: Messrs. J. Fletcher, Arkwright, Fauntleroy, W. H. Walker, Veitch, J. K. Bartram, and E. G. Farquharson. Setters were not so numerous, but contained a good deal of quality in the three divisions; the chief winners were Messrs. J. Fletcher (with Rock and Dora), W. P. Sims, Fauntleroy (with Prue), H. Mapplebeck (with Blossom and Mona), and Richardson and Trevithick. Messrs. Fletcher, Skidmore, and G. S. Hockey took all the prizes in Irish Water-spaniels. In Other Varieties of Spaniels a good many well-known dogs and owners appeared, and the following were the winners: Messrs. Fletcher, Arkwright, Tugwell, J. Sinnott, A. E. G. Way, L. Midgley, S. Lang, T. Jacobs, Wildman, C. Phillips, T. B. Bowers, and A. Arnold.

Bull-dogs had thirty entries in three classes (Large, Medium, and Small); the winners were Messrs. W. Newton's Apollo, Knott's Doctor, Duchess, and Sampson, Anderton's Clinker, and J. Gilman's Dainty. Bull-terriers had twenty-eight entries in four classes, divided by sex and weight; the winners were Mr. W. C. Stokes's Niblo, Mr. Alfred George's King, Mr. R. J. Hartley's Violet, Empress, Bruce, and Rose, Mr. Alfred George's Random, and Mr. Tredinnick's Little Princess. In Dachshunds Mr. W. Arkwright's Xaverl, Kaufer, and Linda took most of the money, other winners being Messrs. J. A. Budgett and G. L. Aston. Fox-terriers were a capital lot of nearly ninety in five classes. Mr. Fred. Burbidge had Nimrod, Nettle, Dorcas, Bitters, and Royal; Mr. H. Gibson's Brokenhurst Joe (afterwards probably one of the best known of the variety), Messrs. Arkwright's Vulcan, Pilgrim's Akeley Nettle, F. Redmond's Deacon Nettle and Daniel, Abbott's Nimble, and F. H. Vicary's Sorrel and Tackle were other winners. Messrs. Ward and Mather took all the prizes for Smooth-haired Terriers (not Black-and-tan). Black-and-tans mustered well with twenty-one entries in two classes; the prizes were taken by Mr. Mapplebeck, Mrs. Marsden, Messrs. Davies, Mather, and W. Bruton. Skye Terriers were not large, but typical, classes, the winners in Drop-ears being Messrs. A. Boulton (with Noble), C. H. Lane (with Wasp), and J. S. Skidmore (with Brownie); and in Prick-ears Messrs. A. Boulton (with Jack), F. H. Vicary (with Monarch), and F. W. Brooke (with Oscar). In Dandies Mr. C. F. Henderson was first with Rob Roy (afterwards Mr. C. H. Lane's), and Mr. F. E. Swindells was second with Dominie Sampson. Bedlingtons were few in number, Messrs. Fawdry and G. Morgan being the winners. In Broken-haired Terriers the prizes were taken by Messrs. A. Boulton and C. G. Vicary. Mr. J. Lewis's Sootey was in front in Pugs, other winners being Messrs. W. Sefton, C. P. Warburton, W. R. Bryant, and J. H. Lock. In Blenheims and King Charles Spaniels Mrs. W. Forder was first and second in both varieties, other winners being Miss E. Dawson and Mrs. Udall. Mr. J. Fawdry swept the board in Dalmatians with Captain and Stella. The winners in Smooth Toy Terriers were Messrs. Mapplebeck, Mrs. Marsden, and Mrs. R.