This gentleman is, and has been for more years than most of the Doggy People now about can remember, one of the most entitled to be called an "all-round sportsman," as nothing in the way of legitimate sport has come amiss to him. He has taken interest in cricket, football, rowing, fencing, boxing, fishing, volunteering, shooting, hunting, coursing, field-trialing, boating, and archery. He has been a dog owner since 1858 - a longer record than can be shown by many people - and has had a great number of high-class specimens in his time, winning many hundreds of prizes. For more than twenty-five years he has been one of the nominators for the Waterloo Cup, and has owned immense numbers of Greyhounds, Pointers, Setters, Retrievers, Spaniels, and Fox-terriers, as he has almost entirely confined himself to sporting dogs.

He has been an active member of the Kennel Club, and on its Committee since 1875, at one time acting as the Vice-Chairman. He belongs to many other clubs and societies, and is a zealous Freemason, in addition to all of which he has for many years carried on a medical practice at Tolleshunt d'Arcy, in Essex, and belongs to many societies connected with his profession.

Although the Doctor has so many hobbies and accomplishments, I think perhaps shooting and coursing have been the most favoured by him, to which he has devoted much of the leisure of a busy professional life. To most of my readers amongst Doggy People he will be known as an ardent and successful votary of coursing from 1867, since which his dogs have won many stakes and numerous prizes on the benches.

In field trials he has often competed with success, winning the All-aged Stakes at Blandford, the Pointer Derby, the Kennel Club Field Derby, etc. For many years most of the principal field trials in America have been won by descendants of his black-and-white strain of Pointers through Hops, sister to Malt.



By permission of the Kennel Gazette.

As might be expected from one of his vast experience, Dr. Salter's services as a judge have been in great request, and he has officiated, not only at all the principal shows in the United Kingdom, but in France, Belgium, and Russia, perhaps more than any other non-professional judge; and dogs from his kennels have been exported all over the world, notably to Hungary, Russia, Belgium, Austria, Germany, South Africa, New Zealand, and Australia.

To give any list of the dogs owned by Dr. Salter or the many and important prizes they have won would take up more space than I am able to give to them; but I hope I have said sufficient to show that he is one of the very best types of Doggy People we have; and his cheery and courteous manners and hearty good-fellowship have made him universally popular with all who enjoy the pleasure of his acquaintance, and I hope the day may be far distant when we shall cease to find him coming amongst us to give to some of the fanciers of the present day the advantage of his counsel and long experience in all matters relating to the sporting varieties of dogs, on which he is such an acknowledged authority.