Black Newfoundland

Color: A. Jet black with a slight tinge of brown or a splash of white on chest and toes is not objectionable. B. Black and white, or white and black. Beauty in markings is of great consideration. C. Self-colored bronze.

Height: 27 in. or more.

Weight: 100 lbs. or more.

This dog should impress the eye with strength and great activity. He is a free mover for his size and should be sound on his legs. The head is broad, massive, flat, with the occiput well developed. There is no decided stop and the muzzle should be short and rather square in shape. The eyes are small, dark brown, showing no haw, and set widely apart. Small ears set well back and covered with short hair without fringe. He should be massive in bone, well ribbed up in body, with broad back and strong loins and hind quarters. Dew claws are objectionable. The tail is of moderate length and should be well covered with long hair, carried downwards when in repose. Tails with a kink in them or curled over the back are very objectionable.

Black And White Newfoundland

Black And White Newfoundland