Color: Foxy-red or yellow-red, often with a white patch on chest, feet and tip of tail.

Height: 18 in. Weight: 56 lbs.

A cobbily-built dog with an intrepid and audacious appearance. The head of medium size, lean, not too round, and stop well defined. Eyes are obliquely set in the head, giving him a mild, lively and intelligent expression, and are dark or light brown in color. The ears are set on high, carried erect, very mobile, and of moderate size. Has muscular neck, chest deep but not too broad, and body straight, broad and short. The tail is thick at the root, profusely covered with long hair, and carried curled over the back. His coat is smooth on head and forelegs, but long, dense and perfectly straight on the body with a dense and fluffy undercoat. It should be very abundant around the neck, forming a frill.

Finnish Pom