Hanovrian Limer.

Color: Gray-brown, like the winter coat of a deer, tan, red-yellow, darker on the mask, ears, and around the eyes, and often with a dark trace down the back.

Height: 20 in. Weight: 54 lbs.

In general appearance this dog is of medium height, of strong and long structure. He is broad in skull and slightly domed, forehead slightly wrinkled, eyebrows well developed and protruding. The eyes show no haw and convey an energetic and earnest expression. Ears are very broad, set on high, and are carried close to the head. Chest wide and deep, back long with broad loins. The tail is long, strong at the root and tapering, well provided with long hair and carried downwards. The coat is close, full, smooth and elastic, and of a dull appearance.