Old English Sheepdog.

Color : Any shade of gray, grizzle or blue with or without white markings.

Height : 24 in.

Weight: 65 lbs.

This is a strong, compact clog, profusely coated, with a characteristic ambling when trotting, and owns a thick-set, muscular short body, liberal bone, and a most intelligent expression. The skull is capacious, squarely formed, and well covered with hair. The eyes vary in color according to the shade of the dog. A "wall" or "China" eye is considered typical. The small ears are carried flat to the side of his head. Many are bred tailless, if otherwise they are docked close. The coat is profuse, of good hard texture, not straight, but shaggy, yet free from curl. He should have plenty of undercoat.

This breed is also of very early origin and has been bred in England for some hundreds of years. He is probably a relic of the early pastoral days when the wolf inhabited the British Isles, from which the flocks and herds had to be protected. Some authorities claim, however, that he is a descendant of the Russian Owtchar.