Color: Self-colored red mahogany, ruby, chestnut red, dark yellow, or white with these patches. Height: Not more than 10 in., the smaller the better. Weight: 8 lbs. and under.

This is a lively and active ladies' pet dog. The skull is small, slightly domed, and muzzle rather snipy. The eyes are round, dark colored, set low in the head, and convey a lively expression. The ears are set high on the head, carried erect like the wings of a butterfly, from which feature he is often styled the Butterfly Spaniel. The back is straight and not too short or cobby. The tail is carried like that of the squirrel and is long and heavily feathered, which again accounts for him sometimes being called the Squirrel Spaniel. His coat should be long and silky, abundant on the body and tail and ears, but short on the mask.