THE world-wide and constantly increasing interest in dogs prompts the author to present in concise form, and at a price within the reach of all, a description and illustration of every variety now known to be breeding true to type.

An attempt is also made to group them in Nationalities, though, since it is admitted that the origin of certain varieties is somewhat obscure, no arbitrary lines can be laid down in this respect Originality as to descriptions is not, in many instances, claimed by the author, though where the occasion seemed to call for it, modern ideals have been incorporated in the text. On the contrary, he acknowledges with thanks the services rendered by the following accepted authorities :


Count Henry A. Graaf Van Bylandt.

Theo. Marples.

Dr. Caius.

Unless otherwise stated, the maximum sizes of the various breeds have been given. Bitches may be taken as about ten per cent lighter than the dogs. Owing to the exigencies of space the descriptions have been confined to color, size, head, ears, eye, tail and general appearance. Dogs, all the world over, more or less, are intended to be straight and strong on the legs, possessed of well padded feet and in other ways endowed with working qualifications.

The author's object will have been attained if the subject, in the form presented, is found acceptable to dog lovers who have not the leisure to study the more exhaustive works on dogs.