Sussex Spaniel.

Color : A deep shaded golden liver.

Height : 16 in. Weight : 45 lbs.

In appearance the Sussex Spaniel is a sedate and thoughtful looking dog when at rest but is full of life and activity when at work. The skull is massive and heavy for his size with the forehead projecting over the eyes. The jaws are long and square with flews fairly well developed and nostrils large and of liver color. The eyes should be hazel in color, large and soft in expression and should not show any haw. Ears large and well furnished with silky hair. The body is long and round, with chest deep and ample. The hind quarters are very muscular. The stern should be docked to about 6 in. in length, set low, with a downward action and well feathered. A low carriage of tail is most desirable. The coat is straight or slightly wavy, thick, soft and abundant.