Color: On the head a beautiful golden tan, much darker on the ears. The back and tail should be dark blue inclining to silver, the latter color extending over the other portions of the body, excepting the legs, which should be a golden tan.

There are two classes for weight, under 5 lbs., and over 5 lbs. but not exceeding 12 lbs.

This is a long coated pet dog, the coat hanging quite straight and evenly down each side with a parting extending from the nose to the end of the tail. His general appearance is one of compactness and neatness, with a sprightly and important bearing. The head is rather small and should be flat. The hair should be very long on his muzzle and chin, of a rich tan shade, and on no account intermingled with dark or sooty hair. The ears when cropped are carried quite erect; when not cropped, semi-erect. His body is very compact, and level on back. The tail is cut to' a medium length and should be well covered with dark blue hair, especially at the end. The coat should be as long as possible, straight and glossy as silk, and not wavy or woolly.

Yorkshire Terrier.