Perhaps the finest terrier with black-and-tan coloring is the Dobermann Pinscher, a sort of glorified Manchester terrier, which has been developed in Germany within the last 60 years.

He is about the height and weight of an Airedale, but perhaps by reason of his smooth coat and the fact that his tail is docked very short, he appears taller and slimmer than the British dog. He has a splendid carriage and an air of dignity and distinction. He is unusually intelligent, and to this fact may be attributed his phenomenal success as a police dog. His delightful personality is rapidly bringing him into favor with Americans looking for a dog of good size that doesn't get in one's way.

Manchester Terrier, Dobermann Pinscher.

Manchester Terrier, Dobermann Pinscher.

This big German derivative of the black-and-tan, or Manchester terrier, might best be described as a large, strong bull terrier, with the strict black-and-tan coat, although one sometimes sees him in solid black, brown, or mole-color "blue." White should never be present in a good Dobermann, nor other parti-color than black or tan.

Like most of the dogs popular with the Germans, this is best handled with a firm and uncompromising domination. He is a willing and effective tighter, and, true to his terrier blood, is a relentless enemy to all ground vermin, such as marmots, hares, and badgers.

Decidedly a "one-man" dog, he does not readily make friends nor welcome advances of a friendly nature. He is faithful and loyal to "the hand that feeds him," however, and is justly popular with those who own him. He is certainly one of the handsomest of the smooth dogs, being glossy of coat, trim, and straight, and strong of leg and body, and bright and keen of eye, lacking entirely the rather pigg3 look of the bull terrier with which he has been compared. He is rather larger than the bull terrier, however. He has never been extensively bred in this country.