Including Game and Wildfowl Guns, Sporting and Match Rifles, and Revolvers. In Two Volumes : Vol. I., Game and Wildfowl Guns; Vol. II., The Rifle and Revolver. By the late J. H. Walsh, "Stonehenge," Editor of the "Field," Author of "Dogs of the British Islands," "The Greyhound," "British Rural Sports," etc. Demy 8vo., in Two Volumes, price 15s. each, by post 15s. 6d. each.

"A perusal of Mr. Walsh's book has forced upon us the conclusion, one that will be shared by nearly every reader, that it is indisputably the standard work on the subject, and is likely long to remain so - a position it richly merits. .... We are only fulfilling a duty to the public when we say that no man connected in any way with guns or gunnery should be without a copy of Mr. Walsh's masterly volume." - Birmingham Daily Gazette, Nov. 21, 1882.

Sporting Sketches with Pen and Pencil. By the late FRANCIS FRANCIS and A. W. COOPER. Demy 4to., with twelve full-page illustrations, some of which contain Portraits of Sporting Celebrities, and twenty-four vignettes, price Ios. 6d., by post us.


The First of September; A Day in a Punt; Mark Cock! Trouting; Long Tails and Short Ones; Paying the Pike; Rabbit Shooting; Roaching; Grouse Shooting; Salmon Fishing; Snipe Shooting; Grayling Fishing.