Toki of Toddington is a marvel of loveliness.

There are many beautiful Pomeranian dogs now in the shows. Of all the Pomeranians I have seen I consider Champion Offley Honey Dew one of the most perfect. There is no need in his case to approximate his points to an unattainable ideal, because he is the living embodiment of the ideal for which everyone should breed. I also greatly admire Shelton Mercury, a very lovely dog. I never cared personally very much for the head points of the famous Champion Shelton Sable Atom and Champion May Duchess, though the body points of these dogs were perfect. Champion Mars is also perfect in body, style, and coat. Champion Dragon Fly is another well-known dog, which, unfortunately, I have always missed seeing. Champion Venus of Offley and Champion Haughty Queenie are other well-known winners. One of the loveliest dogs in the world is Champion The Sable Mite. He has a most typical little head of the best expression and modeling. I do not care for the type of Ch. Marland King.

Among our best Pekingese winners are Champion Goodwood Chun, the property of Mrs. Torrens; Lady Decies's Champion Manchu Cheng Tu, Champion Pearl, and Champion Pekin Poppy; Mrs. Ashton Cross's Champion Chu-erh of Alderbourne, Mr. Lefoy Deans's Champion Chin Lu, Mrs. Douglas Murray's Champion Goodwood Lo. I do not care for several well-known dogs, and do not consider that they represent a good type. However, my readers can judge for themselves from the photographs and compare them with ideal from a Chinese point of view.

Mr. Pettigrew, Mr. Tweed, Mr. Arnold, Mr. Ais-trop, and Mr. Nixon are some of our oldest and best breeders of Toy Spaniels, and many good dogs have been bred by Mr. Gutteridge, Mr. Savage, Mr. Dean, and Mr. Teers. With the exception of Mr. Nixon, these gentlemen seldom show, but they all know the dogs thoroughly, and if we had some of them in the judging ring, instead of appointing people who know little or nothing of their business, it would be a great improvement.

Miss Hall, Miss Young, Miss Grantham, Mrs. W. Hopkins, Mrs. Jenkins, Mrs. Privett, Mrs. Pinto Leite, Miss Carter, Mrs. Percy, Mrs. Bright, Mrs. Mitchell, Mrs. Webster, Mrs. Russell Lloyd, Miss Spofforth and Mrs. Reed are among our Southern fanciers; and in the North are Lady Hulton, Lady de Gex, Mrs. Pordage, Mrs. R. Stewart, Mrs. Matheson, Mrs. Furnival, Mr. Hope Paterson, Mrs. Cliff, Mr. Milnes, Mr. Yates, and Mr. Cummings, and last but not least Mr. Hervey Nixon and Mr. Crank.