This little book, in its earlier editions, met with so uniformly kind and gracious a reception, that I am encouraged to hope it may still make new friends on this, its third appearance. It has given me the greatest pleasure to hear from correspondents in many countries that they have found it as helpful as I hoped a manual drawn entirely from actual personal experience might prove to be.

In the years which have elapsed since I first wrote upon dogs, there has been a wonderful advance in veterinary science and practice. Operative surgery under anaesthetics has become nearly as confident in relieving our pets as in abating our own miseries. Much disease, however, is still present among dogs for which there is no warrant in Nature, and which might be entirely conquered in the course of a few generations, could the prejudice against natural and rational diet be completely abandoned. To persuade dog-owners to give meat-feeding a trial - one honest experiment has never in my experience failed to convince the most sceptical - has been my constant endeavour, and I cannot let the "Toy Dog Manual" go forth on another journey without once more laying emphasis on the fact that the really successful dog-owner's secret is a very simple one, spelt in the four letters - MEAT. I have to thank numerous kind friends for help in providing the illustrations, nearly all pictures of actual present-day winning dogs, and examples not only of beauty and show points, but of perfect health.

I am also greatly indebted to The Illustrated Kennel News for the loan of blocks and for other kind courtesies, as also to The Ladies Field, a paper devoted in its kennel columns to the best interest of dogs.


Swanswick, Bath, May 5th, 1910.