Points of the Yorkshire Terrier, as laid down by the Yorkshire Terrier Club. Secretary, Mr. F. W. Randall, "The Clone," Hampton-on-Thames. General Appearance. - Should be that of a long-coated pet dog, the coat hanging quite straight and evenly down each side, a parting extending from the nose to the end of the tail. The animal should be very compact and neat, the carriage being very upright, and having an important air. Although the frame is hidden beneath a mantle of hair, the general outline should be such as to suggest the existence of a vigorous and well-proportioned body. Head. - Should be rather small and flat, not too prominent or round in the skull, nor too long in the muzzle, with a perfectly black nose. The fall on the head to be long, of a rich golden tan, deeper in colour at the sides of the head about the ear roots, and on the muzzle, where it should be very long. The hair on the chest a rich bright tan. On no account must the tan on the head extend on to the neck, nor must there be any sooty or dark hair intermingled with any of the tan. Eyes. - Medium, dark, and sparkling, having a sharp, intelligent expression, and placed so as to look directly forward. They should not be prominent, and the edge of the eyelids should be of a dark colour.

Ears. - Small V-shaped, and carried semi-erect or erect, covered with short hair, colour to be of a very deep rich tan. Mouth. - Perfectly even, with teeth as sound as possible. An animal having lost any teeth through accident not a fault, providing the jaws are even. Body. - Very compact, and a good loin. Level on the top of the back. Coat. - The hair on body as long as possible, and perfectly straight (not wavy), glossy like silk, and of a fine silky texture. Colour, a dark steel blue (not be as follows : (I) Under 20 lbs.; (2) 20 lbs. and under 24 lbs.; (3) 24 lbs. and under 28 lbs. silver blue) extending from the occiput (or back of skull) to the root of tail, and on no account mingled with fawn, bronze, or dark hairs. Legs. - Quite straight, well covered with hair of a rich golden tan, a few shades lighter at the ends than at the roots, not extending higher on the forelegs than the elbow, nor on the"hind-legs than the stifle. Feet. - As round as possible, and the toe-nails black. Tail. - Cut to medium length; with plenty of hair, darker' blue in colour than the rest of the body, especially at the end of the tail, and carried a little higher than the level of the back. Tan. - AW. tan hair should be darker at the roots than in the middle, shading to a still lighter tan at the tips.

Weight. - Three classes: 5 lbs. and under; 7 lbs. and under, but over 5 lbs.; over 7 lbs.

When only two classes are provided, weights shall be as follows : (1) Under 24 lbs.; (2) 24 lbs., not exceeding 28 lbs.

These weights are subject to alteration.