Why are the wild pigeons of America so celebrated ?

Because of their great power of flight, which enables them, when in need, to survey and pass over an astonishing extent of country in a very short time. This is proved by facts known to the greater number of observers in America. Pigeons, for example, have been killed in the neighbourhood of New York, with their crops still filled with rice, collected by them in the fields of Georgia and Carolina, the nearest point at which this supply could possibly have been obtained; and as it is well ascertained, that, owing to their great power of digestion, they will decompose food entirely in twelve hours, they must have travelled between 300 and 400 miles in six hours, making their speed at an average of about one mile in a minute; and this would enable one of these birds, if so inclined, to visit the European continent, as swallows undoubtedly are able to do in a couple of days.

Such are their numbers, that the air is described as " literally filled with pigeons ; the light of the noonday becomes dim, as during an eclipse."

It may not, perhaps, be out of place to attempt an estimate of the number of pigeons contained in one of those mighty flocks, and the quantity of food daily consumed by its members. The inquiry will shew the astonishing bounty of the Creator in his works, and how universally this bounty has been granted to every living thing on the vast continent of America.

We shall take, for example, a column of one mile in breadth, which is far below the average size, and suppose it passing over us without interruption for three hours, at the rate mentioned above, of one mile per minute. This will give us a parallelogram of 180 miles by 1, covering 180 square miles; and allowing two pigeons to the square yard, we have 1,115,136,000 pigeons in one flock; and as every pigeon consumes fully half-a-pint of food per day, the quantity must be 8,712,000 bushels per day, which is required to feed such a flock. - Audubon.