Why is the fish doree so called?

Because, while living, the colour is very resplendent, and as if d'oree, or gilt; but Sir Joseph Banks used to say it should be adoree, and that it was the most valuable of fish because it required no sauce.

Why is the John Dory in Venice called the Janitore, or the gate-keeper?

Because St. Peter is most commonly designated, among the Catholics, as being the reputed keeper of the keys of heaven ; and out of the mouth of this fish they- believe the Apostle took the tribute-money.

Why do some Catholics believe the John Dory to be the fish out of whose mouth St. Peter took the tribute-money?

Because the breast of the fish is very much flattened, as if it had been compressed; but, unfortunately for the credit of the monks, this feature is exhibited by at least twenty other varieties of fish.