Why is a certain worm called the man-of-war ?

Because it has the skill and knowledge of an experienced navigator, and is in itself a little ship. Its evolutions are according to the winds; it raises and lowers its sail, which is a membrane provided with elevating and depressing organs. When filled with air, it is so light, that it swims on the surface of alcohol, and is at the same time provided with a structure which furnishes it with the necessary ballast In high winds it descends into the deep. From the underside of the body proceed tubes, 20 feet in length, which wind in a spiral form like a screw, serving at once as anchors, defensive and offensive weapons, air-tubes, and feelers. It has the colours of the rainbow; its crest or sail is intersected with pink and blue veins ; its length is from six to eight inches. The fibres contain a poisonous fluid, which stings like nettles. We abridge these curious facts from a Memoir of Dr. Ti-lesius, who accompanied Krusenstern in his voyage round the world.

Why is the man-of-war bird so called ?

Because it is one of the most formidable tyrants of the ocean. When in flocks, they attack sometimes even man himself. It is said that a cloud of them attacked a crew of French sailors upon the Island of Ascension, and, till some of them were struck down, endeavoured to snatch the meat from their hands. - Jennings.