Why is the ostrich enabled to run with such celerity ?

Because his bones, like those of other birds, are hollow ; he has also air vesicles similar to other birds, which, notwithstanding he cannot leave the earth, enable him, by the assistance of his muscular legs, to run with astonishing swiftness.

Why do the feathers of the ostrich differ from those of other birds?

Because they have their shaft exactly in the middle, whereas the feathers of other birds have the webs broader on one side than the other.

Why does the ostrich lay and hatch her eggs in the sand?

Because her form being ill-adapted to that process, she has a natural oven furnished by the sand, and the strong heat of the sun.

Why has the ostrich been so long known for its stupidity?

Because of its mention in the book of Job, xxix. 16,

17: "She is hardened against the young ones, as though they were not hers : Because God hath deprived her of wisdom, neither hath he imparted to her understanding."

Some accounts exonerate the ostrich from being the most stupid bird in the creation. This has been proved by the experiment of taking an egg away, or by putting one in addition. In either case she destroys the whole by smashing them with her feet. Although she does not attend to secrecy in selecting a situation for her nest, she will forsake it if the eggs have been handled. It is also said that she rolls a few eggs thirty yards from the nest, and cracks the shells, which, by the time her young come forth, being rilled with maggots, and covered with insects, form the first repast of her infant brood. The male bird is said to take upon himself the rearing of the young. If two cock birds meet, each with a family, they fight for the supremacy over both ; for which reason an ostrich has sometimes under his tutelage, broods of different ages. - General Miller.

Each of the ostrich's eggs, of which it lays about thirty, contains as much as twenty-four hen's eggs.

Why are young ostriches seldom domesticated, although they soon become attached to those who caress them?

Because they are troublesome inmates: for, stalking about the house, they will, when full grown, swallow coin, shirt-pins, and every small article of metal within their reach.