Why is it said by Pliny, that the redbreast is only so in winter?

Because the robin loses nearly all the characteristic colour from its breast in the summer, when it moults, and only recovers it on the approach of autumn. - Knapp.

Why are redbreasts called autumn songsters?

Because in spring and summer their voices are drowned and lost in the general chorus ; in autumn their song becomes distinguishable. - G. White.

Why is the robin the last bird that retires in the evening?

Because its fine, large eyes are fitted to receive all, even the weakest, rays of light that appear. The worm is its food too, and few that move upon the surface escape its notice.

Why do redbreasts and wrens, in the winter, haunt out-houses, stables, and barns?

Because they may there find spiders and flies, that have laid themselves up during the cold season. - G. White.