By Professor T. RYMER JONES, F.R.S.

"Of all popular books upon the Natural History of our shores, it is the most complete and the most scientific, while of scientific books it is the most popular. His former writings have shown how well Professor Rymer Jones is able to think with the few, and to speak with the many." - Examiner.

"Our opinion of the book will have been gathered from what we have already said. It is interesting, instructive, suggestive." - London Review.

"The 'Aquarian Naturalist' is undoubtedly the best of all the sea-side books which have come under our notice." - Annals of Natural History.

"Professor Jones interests while he instructs, and his descriptions often rise to the level of true poetry." - Medical Times.

"It is an excellent work, whether considered as to its literary, scientific, or artistic merits. The Aquarian Naturalist will find it a most agreeable and instructive companion, and all interested in the wonders, beauties and truths of the world of life will read it with pleasure and profit. The author is distinguished among the men of science of England." - Silliman's American Journal.

"Professor Jones is a charming writer, and few men have a greater gift of communicating information in a clearer or more graceful style." - Quarterly Journal of Microscopical Science.

"Mr. Jones's volume will be found a storehouse of valuable and interesting facts - valuable to the student, and interesting to the general reader." - The Globe.

"It is a book which must be eagerly welcomed by every one who is interested in the natural history of the mighty deep. It is clear, well arranged, scientific without pedantry, popular without meanness. The descriptions are full, and contain nothing superfluous." - The Gardeners' Chronicle.

"Whilst a great amount of information is given, his great object is evidently not to alarm the reader with minute technical details. We recommend our lady friends especially not to forget to take Mr. Jones's volume when they next go to the seaside." - Athenaeum.