There are two pairs of nephridia, one posterior, the other anterior; and the members of the latter pair belong to different but successive somites. Testes and ovaries appear to be derived from peritoneal cells; the former are attached to the posterior aspect of a septum, the latter to the sides of the intestine in the second somite behind the testes. The vas deferens is composed of two ciliated funnels and ducts, which perforate a septum, unite, open into a glandular tube some distance from its end. A median and protrusible penis is continuous with the gland-tube. The oviducts are represented by two slits situated each on the apex of a papilla and leading into a short wide hibe. The genital products appear to be set free and to ripen in the coelome. There is a median azygos spermatheca in the testicular somite. The ova are laid singly in a delicate case, which is attached by a pedicle to the Astacus harbouring the worm.

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