There are two larval forms, both annulated. The first has a distinct head, body, and tail. The head is in- and e-vaginable, armed at its base with three circles of spines, and at its apex with three stylets, the whole forming a boring apparatus. It is lost in the second larval form, which is more elongated than the first. The first form of Gordius aquaticus is stated by von Linstow to inhabit a Mollusc (Limnaeus), the second, the coelome of a carnivorous insect, e.g. Dytiscus, Carabus, Mantis. Villot believes that fish form the proper host, the first form occurring encysted in the mucous membrane of the intestine, the second free in the tissues. The first has been recorded from the Frog, various fish, aquatic Insectan larvae, and the Molluscan Planorbis and Limnaeus; the second from the Frog, various fish, a large number of adult Insecta, and some Spiders. The worm becomes free after a time, lives in water, and after copulation the female lays its eggs, which are cemented together by the secretion of the atrium.

The characters of the nervous, digestive, and generative system are markedly different from those typical of Nematoda. Vejdovsky has discussed the subject of affinities in detail at the end of his paper cited below.

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