The organs are generally restricted to certain joints of the antennae, e.g third joint in Diptera Brachycera, terminal joints in Lepidoptera Rhopalocera Hauser points out that the number and perfection of the organs are in correlation with the habits of the insects examined: The Syrphidae (Diptera Brachycera) with larvae feeding on vegetable food, etc, have but few (one to four); those with larvae feeding on dung have many; the Honey-bee has 14,000 to 15,000 grooves and 300 cones on one antenna, Ichneumon 3000 grooves: but in the phytophagous subsection of the Hymenoptera grooves are absent, and cones are present in comparatively small numbers. The Lamellicorn beetles have vast numbers on the foliate expansions of the joints, e.g. male Cockchafer about 39,000, female 35,000. Hauser was unable to find any organs in the antennae of Hemiptera and Neuroptera (Chrysopa), nor in the Carabidae, but in the latter and in other Coleoptera he found identical structures on the maxillary and labial palpi. They may, however, in these situations have a gustatory rather than an olfactory function. Cones especially appear to be present in larvae, not only on the antennae, but also on the palpi.

In many instances, however, the organs appear to be absent.

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