Page 53, line I2 from bottom, for and read end.

p. 55, line 2 from bottom, for interclvaicular read interclavicular.

p. 59, line 20, for vertebrae read vertebra.

p. 6I, line 20 from bottom, for long-oblique read long, oblique.

p. 9I, line 4, for (S. O.) read (E. O.).

p. II2, line 24, for I87I read I8I7.

p. II3, line 2I from bottom, for ganglia read ganglion.

p. I68, line 6 from bottom, for five read fine.

p. I99, line II from bottom, for Acanthrodrilus read Acanthodrilus.

p. 232, line 20, for Staphylocystes read Staphylocystis.

p. 243, lines 20, 2I, for Ophridium read Ophrydium.

p. 249, line I5 from bottom, for Abth. ii. read Abth. i.

p. 250, line I2 from bottom, for in the read round the.

p. 253, line 20 from bottom, should read A. N. H. (5): vii. I88I; gemmule of Carterella, ix. I882; x. I882; fossil spicules. p. 273, line I6, for metanaphros read metanephros. p. 302, line 2, for labral read labial.

p. 33 7, last line, p. 338 line J, for ali- read prae-, and for prae-, ali-. p. 376, line I8, for and read or. p. 462, line 20, for arteries read veins. p. 465, line 18, for Cirroteuthidaei read Cirroteuthidae. p. 475, line I3 from bottom, for Enthyneura read Euthyneura. p. 482, line I2 from bottom, for skull read shell. p. 483, line I7 from bottom, for large or read large and. p. 485, line 2, for exterior read anterior.

p. 490, line 5 from bottom, for holloiu-jointed, read hollow, jointed. p. 500, line 22, for into read by. p. 5I5, line II from bottom, for class read order. P. 530, line 4, for Tyrogiyphidae read Tyroglyphidae.

p. 536, line 5 from bottom, dele commas after Phyllopoda and Branchiopoda. p. 584, note, line 8 from bottom, for arms read anus. p. 647, line 7 from bottom, for peristallic read peristaltic. p. 658, line I6 from bottom, for viscual read visual. p. 7I6, line I7, for Polypodiuni read Polyparium.