The ascending spur of the tibiale (? = astragalus) is present in Deinosauria. The bony arch confining the extensor tendons in the Pigeon as they pass over the tarsal region of the tibio-tarsus is ligamentous in Ratitae. This ligament is united at one end to the tibia, at the other to a bony projection apparently developed on the fibulare (=calcaneum) both in the Ratite and the young Carinate. It probably corresponds to the anterior annular ligament of the human foot. The distal tarsal elements are represented by a single cartilage which corresponds eventually to the second, third, and fourth metatarsalia. The rudimentary fifth metatarsal fuses with it (Baur).

The metatarsalia in Archaeopteryx are apparently free, or but slightly anchy-losed. In Penguins the three metatarsalia (ii., iii., iv.) are short and lie parallel to one another. They are not raised from the ground in them nor in Auks and Divers. Mt. iii. is the largest as a rule, but Mt. iv. is as large in some birds and much larger in Hesperornis. The calcar of the Fowl ossifies independently, but fuses with Mt. iii. Mt. i. is only anchylosed to Mt. ii. in Phaethon. All the toes are united by a common web in the embryo - a condition which persists in the Pelican, Cormorant, Solan Goose, and Divers. They rarely all retain their primitive forward position, e. g. in the Penguin, Swift, etc. The hallux is sometimes absent.

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