Tarsi feathered nearly to the toes: basal portion of the tail white, the remainder brown.

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Entire length twenty inches six lines: from the carpus to the end of the wing sixteen inches six lines.


(Adult). Head, upper part of the neck, throat, breast, and thighs, yellowish white, spotted and streaked with brown; back and wing-coverts deep brown, the feathers edged with reddish yellow: quills dusky; with one half of the inner webs white, spotted with deep brown: lower portion of the abdomen deep umber-brown: rump and under tail-coverts yellowish white: tail white at the base, the remaining part brown; the extreme tip dirty white: bill bluish black, darkest at the tip; cere yellow; irides brown. (Young). Upper parts more or less varied with white: a considerable portion of the abdomen whitish, spotted with brown; the sides with larger spots of the same colour: tail with two or three transverse bars towards the extremity: irides yellowish brown. (Egg). Pale brownish white, blotched with darker brown: long. diam. two inches two lines; trans, diam. one inch eight lines.

A rare and only occasional visitant in this country. Has been twice killed in Cambridgeshire; been met with also in Norfolk, Suffolk, Kent, the Isle of Wight, Gloucestershire, Northumberland, and other parts of England. Food and habits much resembling those of the last species.

(2. Pernis, Cuv).