"Body smooth: the margins of the fins straight; horns of one colour: spine very long, situate at the base of the tail.'" Riss.

Cephaloptera Giorna, Riss. Hist. Nat. de l'Eur. Merid. torn. iii. p. 163. pl. 5. Cephaloptera, Thompson in Proceed, of Zool. Soc. June 9, 1835.

A fish of this sub-genus is stated by Mr. Thompson, in a recent communication to the Zoological Society, to have been taken about five years ago on the southern coast of Ireland, and thence sent to the Royal Society of Dublin, in the Museum of which public body it is at present preserved. In breadth it is about forty-five inches. The specimen being imperfect, and the characters of some of the species ill-defined, Mr. Thompson hesitates applying to it a specific name. He states, however, that it somewhat resembles the C. Giorna figured by Risso. I have accordingly annexed a reference to that author.

* Blainville.