Tarsi and toes thickly clothed with downy feathers.

Strix Tengmalmi, Temm. Man. d'Orn. torn. 1. p. 94. Tengmalm's Night-Owl, Selb. Illust. vol. 1. p. 105. pl. 26. Little Owl, Bew. Brit. Birds, vol. 1. p. 65.


Entire length eight inches four lines. Temm. Descript. Facial circle more developed than in the last species; blackish round the eyes, and at the base of the bill; the rest of it white, bordered externally with dark brown and small white spots intermixed: upper parts nearly similar; liver-brown, spotted with white, but the spots on the head and nape not so numerous; the white spots on the scapulars and wing-coverts disposed more in lines: wings and tail relatively longer; the latter with interrupted white bars: under parts white; the dark spots much as in N. passerina, but having a tendency to unite to form transverse bars: bill yellowish white: legs and toes thickly clothed with soft downy feathers. (Egg). Elongated; pointed: white: long. diam. one inch four lines; trans, diam. eleven lines.

Of equal rarity with the last in this country. Has been killed near Morpeth in Northumberland, and probably in other instances. Said to feed on mice and insects, and to breed in the hollows of firs.