Bill two inches long: tarsus one inch ten lines: tail conical. Temm.

P. Puffinus, Temm. Man. d'Orn. torn. 11. p. 805. Cinereous Shearwater, Shaw, Gen. Zool. vol. xiii. part i. p. 227. Selb. Illust. vol. 11. p. 528. pl. 102*.


Length eighteen inches. Temm.


"Head, back part of the neck, and the upper plumage, blackish brown, with the margins and tips of the feathers of the scapulars lighter: throat, lower part of the neck, and the whole of the under plumage, deep ash-gray, with a tinge of broccoli-brown: quills and tail brownish black: legs having the outer part of the tarsus deep gray; the inner part, and webs, yellowish." Selb.

Mr. Selby informs us that he has lately obtained an individual of this species on the coast of Northumberland. It has not been noticed by any other British author. Possibly, however, it may have been confounded with the P. Anglorum, which it is said closely to resemble. According to Temminck, it is common in the Mediterranean and on the coast of Spain. Habits unknown.