Head bluish lead-colour; streak above the eye white: body above olivaceous green, beneath yellow.

M. neglecta, Gould in Proceed, of Zool. Soc. 1832, p. 129. Id. Europ. Birds, part 3. M. flava, Temm. Man. d'Orn. torn. I. p. 260.


Entire length six inches. Gould.


Closely resembling the last species, from which it scarcely differs excepting in the colour of the head and streak above the eye: the former, instead of being olivaceous like the rest of the upper parts, is of a fine lead gray, approaching to blue; the latter, as well as a second streak beneath the eyes, is white. The female has the colours paler, and the eye-streaks indistinctly marked. (Egg). " Greenish olive, with light flesh-coloured blotches." Gould.

Mr Gould has the merit of having first distinguished this from the M.flava, with which it had been previously confounded. The differences between them, he observes, do not depend upon the season, he having obtained specimens of each killed in the same month. The present species, which appears to be the only one known to continental authors, in our own country has hitherto occurred but once. This individual, which was an old bird, was killed near Colchester by Mr H. Doubleday, in the Autumn of 1834. A pair were seen. Food and nidification similar to those of the M. flava.

Anthus.] aves insessores. 117