L. lineatus, Don. Brit. Fish. vol. iv. pl. 74. Turt. Brit. Faun. p. 99. Mem. Brit. An. p. 209. L. Psittacus, Riss. Hist. Nat. de l'Eur. Merid. torn. iii. p. 304.? Green-streaked Wrasse, Yarr. Brit. Fish. vol. 1. p. 279.


Seven inches. Don.


Body green, with numerous longitudinal yellowish lines: fins greenish. Number of fin-rays,

D. 20/10; A. 3/8; C. 15; P. 14; V. 8. Don.

Obtained by Donovan from the coast of Cornwall, where it is said to be provincially known by the name of Green-Fish. According to Mr. Yarrell, it appears also to have been met with on the Devonshire coast by Montagu. It is probably the L. Psittacus of Risso*, but Donovan's description is too imperfect to speak with certainty on this point.