Above bluish black; beneath reddish yellow, with longitudinal streaks of brown: a broad black moustache: wings reaching beyond the extremity of the tail.

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Entire length twelve to fourteen inches: breadth two feet to two feet three inches.


(Adult male). Upper parts bluish black: under parts whitish, passing into reddish yellow, with longitudinal brown streaks: throat white: a black patch or moustache proceeding from the corners of the mouth down each side of the neck: rump, thighs, and under tail-coverts, rust-red: quills, and outer tail-feathers, barred with reddish brown on their inner webs: bill bluish black: irides reddish brown: cere, eyelids, and feet, yellow. (Female). Colours generally more obscure; upper parts approaching to dusky brown; the red on the rump and thighs not so bright; the spots underneath deeper. (Young). Plumage above dusky, all the feathers edged with reddish yellow; this last colour most prevalent on the head: some white spots on the occiput: under parts yellowish white, passing into reddish yellow, with long streaks of brown: tip of the tail reddish: cere and feet greenish yellow. (Egg). Yellowish white, speckled all over with reddish brown: long. diam. one inch eight lines; trans, diam. one inch four lines.

A summer visitant; arriving in April, and departing in October. Preys on larks, and other small birds. Builds in tall trees, and lays from three to four eggs.