Body much compressed throughout: beneath each eye a forked spine.

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From three to four inches.


(Form). Much more compressed than the last species, especially about the head, which is also smaller: thickness of the body only half the depth: profile more convex, the snout appearing somewhat truncated: barbules shorter and less conspicuous: eyes smaller, placed very high on the cheeks; the intervening space contracted into a narrow elevated ridge: beneath each eye, but a little in advance, a sharp moveable forked spine directed backwards: dorsal and anal fins similar, and similarly situated, but the former with a ray more: pectorals relatively shorter and less developed, not equal to the length of the head; the second, third, and fourth rays not stouter than the others: ventrals likewise smaller:

D. 11; A. 9; C. 15; P. 8; V. 7.

(Colours). Yellowish, tinged with orange; the back and upper half of the sides spotted and mottled with brown; more particularly a longitudinal series of large round spots on the lateral line, a second on the dorsal ridge, and a third intermediate between these two; those on the lower part of the back, between the dorsal and caudal fins, sometimes assume the appearance of short transverse bars: dorsal and caudal spotted; the other fins plain.

Much less frequent than the last species. Found in the Trent in Nottinghamshire, and, according to Turton, in the clear streams of Wiltshire. I have also met with it in some plenty in the Cam, as well as in fish-ponds at Ely. Keeps near the bottom, and appears to reside more in the mud than the C. barbatula. Spawns, according to Bloch, in April and May. Is very tenacious of life.