Upper parts brown: throat and breast white: abdomen brownish red.

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Entire length seven inches six lines.


(Male). Upper parts deep brown, passing into black; the feathers on the back and wings edged with ash-gray: throat, eyelids, sides and fore part of the neck, and upper part of the breast, white: lower part of the breast, and belly, brownish red: vent and under tail-coverts dusky brown: bill blackish: irides yellowish brown: legs yellowish. (Female). Upper part of the head and neck cinereous brown: the red and white on the under parts less pure. (Young of the year). Head and upper part of the neck gray: some whitish spots on the wings: the white on the under parts extending almost to the vent, and marked with transverse streaks of grayish brown. (Egg). Pointed: white: long. diam. one inch; trans, diam. nine lines.

Inhabits rocky streams, and the banks of rapid rivers, chiefly in the mountainous parts of the country, where it resides all the year. Common in the North of England, and in Scotland: found also in Wales, Devonshire, and occasionally in other parts. Feeds on aquatic insects; and is capable of diving. Nest on the ground, composed of moss and leaves, and arched over. Eggs four to six; hatched in May.