Cinereous gray, with large brown spots on the back: throat white with brown scales: abdomen grayish white mixed with reddish.

A. alpinus, Temm. Man. d'Orn. torn. 1. p. 248. Alpine Accentor, Selb. Illust. vol. 1. p. 247. pl. D. f. 3.


Entire length six inches eight lines. Temm. Descript. Head, breast, neck and back, cinereous gray, with large brown spots between the shoulders: wings and tail dusky brown, variegated with ash-colour; middle and lesser wing-coverts tipped with white: throat white with brown scales; abdomen and sides grayish white, mixed with reddish: hill yellow at the base, black at the tip: feet yellowish. (Egg). Of a uniform bluish green, like that of the next species, but rather larger.

A native of the European Alps, but has twice occurred in this country. In the first instance, a pair were observed at Cambridge by Dr Thackeray, Nov. 23, 1822, and one, a female, killed, which is at present in his collection. In the second, a single individual was shot (a few years since) on the borders of Epping Forest. Said to build in the clefts of rocks, and under the eaves of nouses. Food insects and seeds.