A. Lupus, Linn. Syst. Nat. torn. i. p. 430. Bloch, Ichth. pl. 74. Don. Brit. Fish. vol. i. pl. 24. Flem. Brit. An. p. 208. Wolf-Fish, Will. Hist. Pise. p. 130. c. xviii. tab. H. 3. f. 1. Ravenous Wolf-Fish, Penn. Brit. Zool. vol. iii. p. 151. pl. 24. Id. (Edit. 1812). vol. in. p. 201. pl. 27. Wolf-Fish, Yarr. Brit. Fish. vol. i. p. 247. Length. From four to six feet; sometimes more. Descript. (Form). "Head a little flatted on the top: nose blunt; nostrils very small; eyes small, and placed near the end of the nose: foreteeth strong, conical, diverging a little from each other, standing far out of the jaws; commonly six above, and the same below, though sometimes only five in each jaw; these are supported within side by a row of lesser teeth, which makes the number in the upper jaw seventeen or eighteen, in the lower eleven or twelve: grinding teeth of the under jaw higher on the outer than the inner edges, which inclines their surfaces inward; they join to the canine teeth in that jaw, but in the upper are separate from them: in the centre are two rows of flat strong teeth, fixed on an oblong basis upon the bones of the palate and nose: body long, a little compressed: skin smooth and slippery: pectorals consisting of eighteen rays: dorsal extending from the hind part of the head almost to the tail; the rays in the fresh fish not visible: anal extending as far as the dorsal: caudal rounded, of thirteen rays. (Colours). Sides, back, and fins, of a livid lead-colour; the first two marked downwards with irregular obscure dusky lines: these in different fish have different appearances. Young of a greenish cast." Penn.

A powerful and ferocious species, most abundant in the northern parts of the globe, where it is said to attain to a larger size than in the British seas. Not unfrequently met with off the coasts of Scotland and Yorkshire. Feeds on shell-fish and Crustacea, which it readily crushes by means of its strong molars. According to Pennant, is full of roe in February, March, and April, and spawns in May and June.