(1. Astur, Vig).

A broad white streak over the eye.

Falco palumbarius, Temm. Man. d'Orn. torn. i. p. 55. Goshawk, Mont. Orn. Diet. Selb. Illust. vol.i. p. 29. pis. 12 and 12*. Bew. Brit. Birds, vol. i. p. 28.


Entire length (female) two feet, (male) one-third less. Temm.


(Adult male). Upper parts deep bluish ash-colour: a broad white streak over the eyes: under parts white, with transverse bars and fine longitudinal streaks of dark brown: tail cinereous, with four or five bars of blackish brown; the tip white: bill bluish gray: cere greenish yellow: irides and feet bright yellow. (Adult female). Upper parts with a brownish tinge: spots on the throat more numerous. (Young). Top of the head and upper part of the neck reddish brown, the feathers edged with white: under parts reddish white, with long lanceolate streaks of deep brown: tail brown, with four broad bars of a darker colour; the tip white: irides gray: cere and feet livid yellow. (Egg). " Skim-milk white, marked with streaks and spots of reddish brown." Selby.

Nearly confined to the mountainous parts of Scotland, where it breeds, and is said to be a great destroyer of game. Very rare in England. Obs. The Gentil Falcon (Falco gentilis, Gmel). is the young of this species.

(2. Accipiter, Vig).